/Triplets marking their first birthday with gifts for other premature babies

Triplets marking their first birthday with gifts for other premature babies

A GENEROUS anonymous gift to these premature triplets has inspired their mum to help the families of other babies needing neonatal care this Christmas.

Henry, George and James Nalton, from Huddersfield, were born in December last year at 30 weeks and six days.

They spent six weeks receiving neonatal and special care before they were strong enough to finally go home.

During such a difficult time, three gifts from a stranger found next to two of the boys’ incubators touched their parents’ hearts.

Now their mum, Natasha, wants to make up similar packages to give to other babies who will spend this Christmas in special care.

“The Christmas parcels we plan to deliver to mark not only their first birthday but also their first proper Christmas – a huge milestone we are so thankful to have made it to,” she said.

The boys’ estimated due date was February 22 but, as triplets, they were booked to be delivered by cesarean section at 34 weeks on January 11.

But Natasha went into labour in the early hours of December 20 and, after a dramatic dash across the M62, they were born in Bolton later that afternoon.

They needed six weeks in neonatal intensive care and special care across three different hospitals – Bolton, Calderdale and Bradford.

It was on Christmas Day at the hospital in Bolton, where George and James were being treated, that Natasha and her husband found three gifts by their incubators – a gift from a stranger who the year before had spent their Christmas the same way that the Naltons were having to.

Natasha said she cried when she discovered the presents for her sons, which contained essentials including cotton wool, wipes, clothes and toys – all things the boys would need to help on their journey home.

“I cried, and I cried a lot,” she said. “To think that a stranger who didn’t know us had taken the time to buy and wrap a gift for my baby was just all a little overwhelming.

“You don’t plan to have a premature baby so most of the parents on the units hadn’t had time to buy their baby a gift as they were all born in the lead up to Christmas and once there here you spend every moment you can with them or sleeping.”

The couple still do not know who left the gifts but say they are eternally grateful. Natasha was so moved when she found them, she decided there and then that she wanted to do the same for others this year.

The family hope to donate gift bags to the three hospitals where they boys were treated – 100 in total.

They have gathered an army of knitters to create special hats for premature babies which they will add to the bag of baby essentials.

They say anyone who would like to help with their appeal can donate bags of cotton wool, baby wipes, cotton buds and new clothes for premature babies.

The boys were finally allowed home in January having received “amazing” care.

“At the time is feels like you will never leave the unit but then that day comes and it’s all very exciting,” said Natasha.

“Now they’re doing amazing. They’re hitting all their milestones, their weight has increased at the rate it should and they are happy healthy little boys with no long-term health issues despite being born so early, which is a testament to the amazing care they received across all three hospitals.#2

This year the Naltons are planning Christmas at home with lots of family round.

“It’s the first time in 20 years that my mum has let someone else cook,” said Natasha. “We’re excited to have everyone round and make a real fuss of the boys.”

The family have already had a donation of gift bags and enough hats knitted. They say the response to their appeal so far has been overwhelming.

Anyone who would like to make a donation of cotton wool, baby wipes, cotton buds or new clothes for premature babies can email Natasha at Natasha@natashajaneevents.co.uk to find out more.