/Support group for Calderdale and Kirklees couples undergoing assisted conception

Support group for Calderdale and Kirklees couples undergoing assisted conception

A Halifax mum-of-two is setting up a support group for couples across West Yorkshire going through the rollercoaster ride of assisted conception.


Sarah Banks, 35, has decided to start the Yorkshire Fertility Support Group after conceiving her son Jack in her second round of fertility treatment at Calderdale Royal Hospital.


She went on to have her little girl Millie 14 months later without any treatment.

Sarah said she believes mums and dads need all the support they can get outside hospital as well as the care they receive from doctors and nurses when they are going through fertility treatment.


“Couples don’t talk about what they are going through. They just don’t,” she said.


“In our case, all our friends were getting pregnant at the same time as we were trying and it wasn’t happening for us. I think 14 babies were conceived in that time.


“We were desperate for a family we really, really wanted and had no control.


“I have since met other families who have been through the same thing and we all said if we had known each other when we were going through it, we could have shared our experiences so we didn’t feel we were so isolated.”


The support group will meet on the third Monday of every month at The Elsie Whiteley Centre, Hopwood Lane, Halifax, from 7pm until 8.30pm and anyone interested is invited to attend.

The first meeting will take place on November 21 but there will be a launch event on November 2, also at the Elsie Whiteley Centre, when consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician Martin DeBono will be the guest speaker.


“For us it is over,” said Sarah. “But I know there are many women out there going through it where everyone around them seems to be getting pregnant easily and they are feeling very isolated.


“There is pressure on the relationship, yet a friendly chat with someone going through the same could make all the difference.”


Mr De Bono added: “At Yorkshire Fertility we appreciate the anxieties that couples go through as they embark on fertility treatment.


“Sarah’s support group is a very welcome addition to this and it is so fantastic to have someone like her who is able to offer such support to our couples.”


Yorkshire Fertility has a conception rate of 38%, one of the best in the country. Earlier this year the unit at Calderdale celebrated its 20th anniversary and the birth of 1,500 babies as a result of treatment there.


To find out more, search for Yorkshire Fertility Support Group on Facebook or contact Sarah on sarah@sarahbanks.coach